Company Mission Statement

 Angels Desserts is a professional dessert company, producing luxury hand crafted fresh products, using only authentic ingredients, resulting in a heavenly mouth watering dessert. 

 Striving for the highest quality, with consistency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Angels Desserts Standards

  • Angels Desserts reputation has been built up, based on our high expectation of our desserts.
  •  Our Reputation is what keeps us in work.
  •  We will never knowingly send out sub-standard desserts.
  •  We operate on a clean as you go policy.
  •  Always think that we are in a high risk food group thus must always keep an eye on temperatures of cheese, cream and pasteurised egg white and yolk.
  •  Our work area must be always left clean and spotless, including walls and equipment, we are all responsible for this.

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