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Untitled 2The love of’s in my genes!

Throughout my life, food has always held a special place in my heart.  When I was a little girl, my oldest friend Mrs Ainsworth and I would play together in Lytham St.Annes where we lived. A lady in her 80’s, our days were spent playing cards, enjoying afternoon teas and playing hoteliers.


It isn’t a surprise that the joy of baking runs in my family.

My Grandma and Grandad Hunter ran a bakery in Burnley back in the 1940s, just on the corner of Branch Road and Clarence Street. This   is where my father and his 2 brothers spent their childhood, surrounded by delicious homemade buns and heavenly cakes. With a bakers’ apprenticeship under her belt, my Grandma was in charge of baking, while my Grandad looked after the business side. My Grandad dreamt that one day Hunter’s and Sons Bakery would be a reality. Sadly his death in 1944, aged just 31, meant the end of his bakery dream as Grandma struggled to bring up 3 boys and run the bakery on her own.

Thankfully, my Grandma was able to continue her love of baking by the time I was born, and after getting re-married, she set up her own very successful wedding cake and celebration cake business. Every summer, I look forward to spending two weeks with my Grandma. My cousins and I were not allowed in the kitchen whilst she was cooking, but she would always bake us a special cake just for us to decorate, and we would go fruit picking to make jam and bake cakes for Grandad’s lunch box.

As I grew older, I started to cook more, learning to make cakes, delicious meals and, of course, desserts. My love of baking made me very popular among family members. This is where some of my fabulous recipes were born, with my family rating my dishes and making comments so I could adjust my recipe book accordingly.


Indulging in a real passion...

Angels Desserts-014My passion for cooking later encouraged me to do my City and Guilds 706/1 in catering and hospitality, followed by NVQ level 2 & 3, and in 1991, I started working as the trainee patisserie chef and driver for Readman Desserts. While I left the company 18 months later in order to continue my career in catering and improve my skills and management techniques, I returned to Readman Desserts in 2000, as Assistant
Manager. During this time I learnt even more about making desserts to the high luxury standard, as well as      customer service skills and recipe writing from scratch. Sadly in 2002, due to ill health, I had no choice but to  leave.


New beginnings...

In 2009, my dream, and my Grandad’s, was to become a reality. I was approached to purchase the assets of  Readman Desserts and start a whole new dessert company…and so, on the 13th July 2009, Angels Desserts  was born. A new chapter of heavenly desserts began.

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