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From: Joyce (hidden for security)

Date: Tue 15/09/2015   20:30



Just a note to tell you I haven't had a lovelier gluten free cake as the one I bought off you in the Victorian fair on Sunday , my daughter and I thought the toblerone cake was stunning , just loved it.

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From Facebook on 9th September 2015 21:43

Some of the best cakes & desserts I've ever tasted, friends and family love them too. Would recommend for a big special occasion and for the small. Great service, great team, great cakes! - Abbie


From: Abbie (hidden for security)
Sent: 04 September 2015 15:42
To: Fiona
Subject: Re: Birthday Cake

Hi Fiona,

I've collected the cake and it looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much.


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From: Rowena (hidden for security)
Sent: 19 August 2015 14:19
To: Fiona Harris
Subject: Thank you


Hi Fiona,
We have just returned from our honeymoon and just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help in sorting out desserts for our wedding.
The desserts were fantastic, they looked beautiful and so many of our guests commented on how tasty they were. It is so difficult to ensure everything is gluten free but it was all perfect. We will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends.
Many Thanks
Rowena and James


From: Dean (hidden for security)
Sent: 16 July 2013 11:25
To: 'Fiona Harris'
Subject: Daughter's Birthday Cake

Hi Fiona

I would be more than happy for you to put it on your website. Once again many thanks.

I think there is going to be some arguments in our house tonight. There is only one portion left and I think we are all trying to get home first!



From: Dean (hidden for security)

Sent: 13 July 2013 20:31
To: 'Fiona Harris'
Subject: Daughter's Birthday Cake

Hi Fiona

I have heard people recommend you for your deserts but until I had witnessed and sampled them for myself I always reserved judgement. That is until I saw my daughters face when she saw the cake you prepared for her 15th birthday this Friday just gone. The tear it brought to her eye summed up the pleasure that I didn't think something like that could bring. Everyone who sampled it thought it was fantastic. Many thanks and be sure i will endeavour to make certain all
my contacts, friends and family come visit. The product and service are something every business should embrace.

Many thanks



From: Anthony Edwards
Sent: 24 June 2013 12:36
To: Fiona Harris
Subject: RE: Lincolnshire Show Muffins

Hi Fiona

Thank you once again for the muffins last week.  They went down EXTREMELY well!  And the tops of them looked amazing!

Thank you again J x


Anthony Edwards 

Administration Manager

Lincs FM 102.2


From: Helen (hidden for security)
Sent: 23 May 2013 14:04
Subject: FW: Urgent Order for 13 Decorated Cakes

Hi Fiona

Chris (my husband aka. Chairman of Waddington Flying Club!) has just sent me a photo of the cup cakes – fantastic! You have really exceeded expectations – they look great, and you even put balloons on as well and I didn’t think you would be able to!  Many many thanks.  I will make sure that not only all at the WFC, but also our friends and everyone I meet at Mike Stokes Business Club and any other events I attend, hear all about your great skills and service.

Thanks again.

Very best wishes



From: zoe (hidden for security)
Sent: 17 March 2013 22:37
To: 'Fiona Harris'
Subject: Recommendation

"Angels Desserts are simply the best! We've purchased cakes and desserts from Fiona on multiple occasions and they always get a positive reaction and have that "wow" factor. I wouldn't buy professionally made desserts from anywhere else! "



All the following are from Linked In over the past few days, I attend a local Business Club and my desserts have just recently become available to the members as part of the evening buffet, as a result the following recommendations submitted:-

Mike:- I have had the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of Fiona's labours many times over the years. Consuming the desserts, or rather, small culinary master pieces created by Angels Desserts is sheer bliss. They not only dazzle and tempt the eye but when they hit your taste buds they create a concerto of wonderful delicious flavours. You can instantly tell that they have been made with the highest quality ingredients and are baked to perfection. It is a good job I do not attend more events where these delicacies are available or I would be 2 stone heavier. Well done Fiona - keep on creating .....” February 7, 2013

Joanne:- Fiona from Angels Desserts provides the desserts for the Business Club Lincoln where I go once a fortnight. They are always delicious and beautifully presented. I would recommend Angels Desserts to both corporate companies looking to impress their clients and also to restaurants and pubs who want to provide a real 'wow' for their customers and the end of a meal.” February 7, 2013

Aimee:- “I love Fiona’s Desserts, they are mouth-wateringly delicious. Her teams’ attention to detail is fantastic and her customer service is excellent. I have hired Fiona for a large garden party in the summer but would also consider her for smaller family affairs and dinner parties, I’m sure no-one would believe they are my own creation though, they are simply too fantastic!” June 7, 2012

Kay:- “Fiona's desserts are wonderful! She certainly has something for everyone and the choice is unbelievable. They say you eat with your eyes, so with Fiona you not only get a taste of heaven, but the visual display is also heavenly!” February 7, 2013

Karen:- “Angels Desserts provide products that are second to none in quality, taste, finish and range. I would recommend Fiona for her dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.” February 7, 2013

Keith:- "Those of us who have enjoyed Fiona's desserts wonder why so many restaurants persist in serving ordinary desserts. The quality and presentation are excellent, and Fiona goes out of her way to ensure that expectations are exceeded.” February 7, 2013

Andy:- “I engaged Fiona to produce a batch of cakes with my business logo and details on them for use at the launch of our new office premises. The cakes were as delicious as hoped but were also a talking point as they featured my business. My order was small but I know Fiona can produce orders for thousands of similar items. I would recommend the service and quality of her products without hesitation.” February 7, 2013

Martyn:- "Fiona seems to be taking Angels Desserts from strength to strength, she has a clear understanding of her products and customer base and is working hard to give them excellent customer service and of course the most yummy desserts you have tasted.” February 7, 2013

Dave:- "I have sampled many of the desserts that angels make and they are absolutely gorgeous/fantastic/brilliant and I can recommend them to anyone” February 7, 2013

Mike:- “Fiona Harris of Angels' Desserts supplies The Business Club with outstanding desserts for our members to consume during our half-time breaks. The presentation and quality of Fiona's products are outstanding and have certainly enhanced the fortnightly experience of our members when attending our meetings. Fiona is also a very helpful and reliable person with whom to do business - she never lets us down.” February 7, 2013

Stev:- “Fiona’s wonderful corporate gifts “tasty deserts” are so good clients will call back asking for more thus a fantastic opportunity to build and maintain rapport with exciting and prospective clients. Fiona’s services are excellent and I would be delighted to recommend her. Stav Melides Business Development Consultant” February 7, 2013

Lisa:- "Angels Desserts made the most delicious dessert for my dinner party. All the guests loved it. It looked great, tasted great and was made with love and all the richest ingredients. Perfect.” February 7, 2013

Chris:- “Fiona is a dedicated professional caterer. Her flair and talent in this industry are unique and provide her customer base with exceptional products and excellent service.” February 7, 2013

Rob:- “Fiona has provided us on many occasions a fantastic personal service. She goes above and beyond every time and offers great value for money. Here desserts are amazing and never last long in our fridge.” February 7, 2013

Sandra:- “I have had the great pleasure of sampling Fiona's desserts at several business networking events. They are never anything less than mouthwateringly delicious. If you've not tried them, you're missing out!” February 10, 2013

Rachel:- "I have worked with Fiona for a number of years and always found her inspirational. A serious business woman who has found that her passion for sweet things has turned into a great business model. Her knowledge of the patisseries and desserts is fantastic and I’m always excited to find out what new products she and her team have developed. I can never resist having a taste of heaven from Angels Desserts when I see them at food shows or farmers markets. Fiona is passionate about using local ingredients and supporting other local food businesses. I have recommended her business to a number of my contacts when they have mentioned they are looking for a supplier of good quality desserts and patisseries and will continue to recommend Angels Desserts in the future too." February 11, 2013

Geoff:- "It's rare that you come across a desert or sweet that is special, but the ones that I've had from Fiona and Angel's Deserts are simply outstanding - light, delicate and out of the top drawer!" February 11, 2013

Sue:- "I have had the pleasure of regularly sampling the desserts provided by Angels Desserts and can throughly recommend their services. Fiona's attention to detail makes sure that she delivers the same high standards consistently - take it from somone with a sweet tooth......." February 11, 2013

Paula:- “Fiona provided desserts at a recent event I attended, they were delicious and well presented. Fiona is clearly passionate about her business and is trying different approaches to get her business recognised and valued - well done Fiona all this passion, drive and of course great tasting desserts will deliver just desserts in the long run (sorry couldn't resist the pun!).” February 11, 2013

Paul:- “Fiona makes the most delightful cakes I've ever tasted. They are original in design and prepared to an excellent standard. I would advise any business that requires original gifts or needs desserts that will WOW their clients and staff to use Angels Desserts.” February 15, 2013

Darren:- "Fiona makes the most amazing cakes. They look and taste great. If you are putting on any event you most call Fiona to get some cakes. It will have your guests talking about it for a long time after.” February 17, 2013

Sheena - "Fiona has provided me with cakes personally and for events, She ensures the cakes are always of an excellent quality using the best ingredients and attention to detail. The birthday cake she made for my daughters 18th birthday was very impressive but tasted heavenly. Nothing is too much trouble with fantastic customer service from her whole team." - February 19, 2013

Hayley - "Fiona's passion for her work is reflected in her desserts. They look and taste amazing. If you are holding an event, need regular deserts for a Restaurant/cafe, or you're just having a Dinner Party, Fiona is the lady to call."  February 20 2013

Sue - "Fiona produces luxury, handcrafted deserts that are simply divine! Our whole family adores them and we are always impressed with the originality of them, as well as the presentation and taste. I would not hesitate to recommend her products to retailers or individuals looking for that extra special something to wow people with." February 21 2013

Jenny -  "Fiona has provided her services for many weddings and events at Jocasta's since Angels Desserts started. Fiona and her team are highly responsive and will email or call back within the hour, they can recommend ideas or solutions to any request and the order always arrives in time with a smile. I cannot recommend Fiona enough - from small orders to large scale catering, Angels Desserts will not disappoint." February 21 2013

Wendy:- "Fiona produces wonderful desserts at a good price - they look and taste fabulous. She deserves her success." March 16 2013

Zoe:- "Angels Desserts are simply the best! We've purchased cakes and desserts from Fiona on multiple occasions and they always get a positive reaction and have that "wow" factor. I wouldn't buy professionally made desserts from anywhere else! " March 17 2013


From: Roy (hidden for security)
Sent: 07 December 2012 13:09
Subject: Torte

Hi FionaGreat pudding, thank you very much!Sweetened the bitter pill of being 50!All the bestROY
From: David (hidden for security)
Sent: 02 December 2012 14:35
Subject: Endorsements

Hello folks,

I don’t know if you are interested in unsolicited endorsements, but after buying three of your desserts from your stall at Burghley House yesterday, I thought I should send you a message.

I eat a ‘pudding’ at dinner every day.  My wife and I may eat a good lunch out, and she knows that even if I don’t feel like another full meal in the evening, I will definitely want a ‘pudding’.  I have eaten desserts all round the world, and by now I think I know a little about desserts.  Having just eaten my first of yours, I just wanted to tell you it was totally delicious.  As good as I’ve eaten anywhere.  And beautifully presented too.  Good on the eye, and even better on the palate.  I know it’s not easy getting it as good as this, so congratulations.

I see from your website you offer ‘trio boxes’ every month.  Please put me on your list, and let me know how to pay.

Well done, and thanks.



From: liz (hidden for security)
Sent: 21 August 2012 21:02

Hi,  I would like to send huge thanks for the wonderful desserts you supplied for my parents golden wedding on saturday.  I have never had such fantastic desserts anywhere and cannot thank you enough, they were very well received by everyone.

Best wishes


Facebook User Angie - 26th July 2012 

Lemon & Lime Torte:
I can say without hesitation that it's the best lemon & lime torte I have ever tasted - beautifully balanced flavour and texture.  The fresh tangy scent of lemon and lime is like a piece of sunshine; I strongly recommend you give it a go.!
Full marks and thoroughly recommended. I will return.
Thanks Fiona it went down a treat!! 🙂


Facebook User - Lousie - 23th July 2012
Tried ur baileys coffee gateau today n me n my little boy loved it n Will b back for more 😀 Xx


Facebook User - Matt - 14th July 2012
Hey hey, just got talking about you guys and your delcious desserts and wanted to say a massive thank you again, we really appreciate you going the extra mile for us on our Jazz Night and that your desserts are AMAZING!

From: Kate (hidden for security)
Sent: 13 June 2012 16:50
To: Fiona Harris
Subject: Re: Angels Desserts Order - Saturday 2nd June 2012

Hi Fiona,
I just wanted to send you a quick line to thank you so much for our amazing dessert. We were thrilled with them they looked amazing and tasted fantastic too. So many people commented. We had a lovely Wedding Day.

Kind Regards


Facebook User - Sara - 13th June 2012
PIcked up TWO of your samples boxes and absolutely loved them!!!!!!!! They went down an absolute treat and can't wait to sample some more!!!! xxxxxxxxx


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