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 At Angels Desserts we know how frustrating it can be when you have a special dietary requirement and therefore miss out on things.


Having a Son and Father-in-law who are Coeliac's, I found it upsetting not being able to serve them things that everyone else was having plus when you could the quantity was not good.  Therefore when I started this business I made it a priority to be able to convert most of our desserts to Gluten Free but to maintain the quality, taste, texture and appearance as best as we could.

I believe we have achieved this aim, but continue to work on the range more and more.  We have a 95% conversion rate, just look out for the GF option at the bottom of each item.  Please ensure that when ordering you state the Gluten Free Option is required. Under the new guidelines are products are now classed as "Made with non-gluten containing ingredients". 


We are pleased to show our products that are suitable for Vegetarians, please look for the Suitable for Vegetarians at the bottom of each item.


Most of our chillset cheesecakes are egg free.  The mousses are made using pasteurised egg yolk and white, thus suitable for pregnant ladies.  Please look for further details on each product. 


Although a recipe may not contain nuts, we handle and grind nuts up on our premises with no segregation.    We use all types of nuts and peanuts.


Nearly all of our desserts contain Milk in one form or another. Whether it be cream, cream cheese or milk itself.  We currently have no plans to change this.


All of our Chocolate desserts contain soya.


Some of our desserts contain Alcohol, please look at each dessert description. 


NEW FOOD LEGISLATION - 13th December 2014 Due to this new legislation, an Allergen Data Sheet is now available for all desserts, for you to view, download and print. 

Allergen Advice






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