Select Lincolnshire

Select Lincolnshire works to raise the profile of Lincolnshire in different ways.  It works on promoting and attracting investment, signposting local produce within the county and works to send the best of Lincolnshire’s food and drink across the UK.*

Long before ‘local', 'seasonal', 'sustainable' and 'organic' became trendy buzz words, Lincolnshire was leading the way in living off the land and keeping old traditions and recipes alive. Food and drink in Lincolnshire is at the very heart and soul of our way of life.*

The Select Lincolnshire brand has become an established aid for the food and farming industry and aims to showcase the range and quality of Lincolnshire produce.* Thus choosing to purchase from a Select Lincolnshire member, means you can be assured that your purchase is grown or made here in Lincolnshire.

As a member ourselves, we aim to use another members produce within our own processes.  For example our eggs come from Primrose Free Range Eggs from Wragby.  Our vital administrator is Stonemoor Business Services  a Select Lincolnshire for Business member.  To us, the Select Lincolnshire is a symbol of trust.


* Extracts taken from the Select Lincolnshire Website.


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